In Trump, Hungary's Viktor Orban Has A Rare Ally In The Oval Office

May 13, 2019 - 3:29am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

When the Hungarian prime minister meets with President Trump on Monday, it will mark a coming together of two leaders known for their nationalist worldviews and hard-line immigration policies.

Oct 30 - 3:52pm EDT

As arts workers continue to struggle, they're trying their hand at something new — a piece of legislation that would keep their industry alive through the pandemic.

Oct 30 - 7:49am EDT

Hoaxes and misleading posts aimed at depressing turnout have spread on social media. Experts say it outpaces 2016, when Black voters were the top target of Russian-backed disinformation.

Oct 30 - 5:02am EDT

Several important legal decisions were made this week on election laws in crucial states as millions of voters have already cast their ballots.

Oct 30 - 5:02am EDT

In 2016, Democrats in part blamed low voter turnout among Black voters for Trump's narrow win in Wisconsin. Now, one organization wants to increase voter turnout among Milwaukee's Black community.

Oct 30 - 5:01am EDT

The Trump campaign has spent more than $20 million on a strategy to appeal to Black voters, Polls show Trump has improved narrowly with young Black voters, particularly men.

Oct 29 - 3:49pm EDT

In 2016, Black voters were the top target of foreign disinformation campaigns. In 2020, there are both foreign and domestic efforts to dissuade Black and Latino voters from casting ballots.

Oct 29 - 3:49pm EDT

At the end of President Trump's first term, NPR revisits people it talked with before his inauguration. He confirmed the worst fears of some and the greatest hopes of others.

Oct 29 - 3:49pm EDT

The presidential race is a toss-up in North Carolina, a state President Trump won with less than 50% of the vote in 2016. Supporters of Trump and Joe Biden are working hard to turn out more voters.

Oct 29 - 2:12pm EDT

In many key counties, volunteers have stepped up to fill poll worker shortages. But elsewhere staffing concerns continue.