Supreme Court Rules Against Apple, As Kavanaugh Sides With Liberal Justices

May 13, 2019 - 2:20pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The Supreme Court says iPhone users' antitrust lawsuit against Apple can continue. The decision divided President Trump's two appointees, Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Jan 19 - 4:07pm EST

A vast network of activists and organizations emerged to oppose Donald Trump's presidency. Many are trying to figure out how to form a new agenda and remain relevant once he leaves office.

Jan 19 - 4:07pm EST

President-elect Joe Biden's top picks for national security and foreign policy positions face Senate confirmation hearings Tuesday. They will be questioned on a range of challenges facing the U.S.

Jan 19 - 4:07pm EST

President-elect Joe Biden arrived in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday ahead of Wednesday's inauguration. He will attend a memorial service for those who have died of COVID-19.

Jan 19 - 3:00pm EST

President-elect Joe Biden teared up in his goodbye to his adopted home state before flying to Washington, D.C. "When I die, Delaware will be written on my heart," Biden said.

Jan 19 - 2:24pm EST

The retired four-star Army general served in the military for 40 years including as the first Black general to lead U.S. Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East.

Jan 19 - 1:22pm EST

"We are hopeful for change and that we start building more bridges instead of walls," says Ronald Rael, one of the designers of the project.

Jan 19 - 1:16pm EST

At her confirmation hearing Tuesday, Treasury Secretary-designate Janet Yellen warned that without more federal help, the recession would last longer and be more painful than necessary.

Jan 19 - 11:26am EST

"Humility and confidence should be the flip sides of America's leadership coin," Blinken will testify at his Senate confirmation hearing, vowing to work for the "greater good."

Jan 19 - 9:59am EST

The conviction of some Christians that God has a particular plan for America gave extra potency to efforts in support of Trump's attempts to overturn his election defeat.