More Tariffs On China, More Head Scratching From Economists

May 21, 2019 - 6:30am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The evidence is clear: tariffs are a tax on consumers. At best they're "a really inefficient jobs-creation program," according to a leading scholar. Who wins in a trade war? If anyone, only bystanders

Jan 14 - 7:49pm EST

Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz released a review Thursday confirming Trump administration officials knew its policy would separate children from their families at the Southwest border.

Jan 14 - 5:00pm EST

The president elect on Thursday evening will outline his plan for coronavirus relief — one of the core issues he hopes to tackle in his first days of office.

Jan 14 - 4:12pm EST

South Carolina's Harrison raised huge sums of money in his unsuccessful attempt to unseat Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Jan 14 - 4:03pm EST

President-elect Joe Biden is set on Thursday to outline his plan for a coronavirus relief package that he wants Congress to act upon quickly after he takes office.

Jan 14 - 10:25am EST

The entertainers will be joined by a Georgia firefighter and a Jesuit priest at the Capitol ceremony.

Jan 14 - 7:09am EST

The decision by 10 GOP representatives to split from their party could mean political blowback with their state's Republican Party come the next election.

Jan 14 - 7:01am EST

Georgia was ground zero for misinformation and attacks on election integrity, led by President Trump and a number of top Republicans in Georgia and beyond.

Jan 14 - 5:07am EST

President Trump has been impeached for the second time. The charge is inciting an insurrection. The article will now make its way to the Senate, which will not reconvene until next week.

Jan 14 - 5:01am EST

It was the most members of a president's party to vote for his impeachment in history. Many Republicans faced safety threats ahead of the vote, but Trump had gone too far for this group.