Iowa Residents Have Flooding And Trade On The Mind During Trump's Visit

June 11, 2019 - 4:43pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

President Trump is visiting Iowa on Tuesday. The swing state has been hard hit by natural disasters and man-made crises. Farmers have also taken a hit from the administration's trade policies.

Aug 21 - 2:34pm EDT

Trump and the White House aren't closing the door to new background checks for gun buyers or other shifts in policy — but it isn't clear how close they'll ever get to Democrats' proposals.

Aug 21 - 11:17am EDT

The new policy would end the Flores Settlement and allow the government to hold families with children without a deadline, in a change from the way cases are handled today.

Aug 21 - 8:10am EDT

The NRA is pressuring President Trump to refuse any effort to expand background checks for gun sales, and it appears to be working. Trump says the real gun-safety issue is mental health.

Aug 21 - 5:15am EDT

The Trump administration is boasting that the economy is strong. But the administration is also calling for the kind of dramatic economic stimulus one would usually only consider during a recession.

Aug 21 - 5:15am EDT

Republican retirements from the House have given Democrats hope of expanding their gains next year in Texas, where changing demographics in suburbs have reshaped the electorate in some districts.

Aug 21 - 5:01am EDT

Green says he'll bring his articles of impeachment to the House floor for a fourth time. More than 120 House Democrats now say they support an inquiry.

Aug 21 - 5:01am EDT

Cindy McCain, the Arizona senator's widow, marks the first anniversary of his death by asking Americans to engage in acts of civility. "We're missing John's voice of reason right now in so many ways."

Aug 21 - 1:39am EDT

The president said he would postpone a planned trip to the Scandinavian country after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called his idea of buying the island "absurd."

Aug 20 - 5:09pm EDT

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has a plan to save the U.S. economy — a Universal Basic Income, which he says will take the country by storm.