Trump Left A Lot Unsaid About Mass Shootings, Domestic Terrorism — And His Own Words

August 6, 2019 - 9:51am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The president struck a somber tone about the latest round of mass shootings in this country and talked about pushing for an end to them. But tone is one thing; action is another.

Oct 27 - 6:09am EDT

In a late-night move to assert editorial control, the CEO of the U.S. international broadcasting agency rescinded a rule which established a "firewall" between the newsroom and political appointees.

Oct 27 - 5:02am EDT

Facebook's ban on new political and issue ads starts on Tuesday, a week before Election Day. But that won't stop groups intent on reaching voters through the platform.

Oct 27 - 5:02am EDT

Carlos Lozada tells NPR: "It's ironic that a president with such a negative force for race relations" and women's rights has presided over a period where both groups feel more empowered to speak out.

Oct 27 - 5:02am EDT

Across the country, voters are enduring weather and long lines to cast ballots in early voting. Combined with the big number of mail ballots returned so far, it's pointing to a record turnout.

Oct 27 - 5:02am EDT

A new survey of Indian American voters finds they heavily favor Biden over Trump. Both campaigns have been reaching out to Indian Americans, a small but potentially decisive voting bloc.

Oct 27 - 5:01am EDT

Voters and national security officials are focused as never before on assuring the security of the election. Here's what you need to know in the final days of voting.

Oct 27 - 5:00am EDT

What do you do when Election Day is a week away, you're down in the polls and more than 60 million votes have already been cast? If you're President Trump, you hit the road.

Oct 26 - 8:07pm EDT

The 48-year-old judge solidifies the court's conservative majority, filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat just about a week before Election Day.

Oct 26 - 7:58pm EDT

Democrats and progressive groups had asked the justices to intervene after a federals appeals court blocked the ballot-receipt plan.