New Trump Policy Would Permit Indefinite Detention Of Migrant Families, Children

August 21, 2019 - 11:17am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The new policy would end the Flores Settlement and allow the government to hold families with children without a deadline, in a change from the way cases are handled today.

Sep 18 - 10:53pm EDT

The revelation of an 18-year-old party photo comes as Trudeau is launching his reelection bid.

Sep 18 - 7:09pm EDT

Three women told a House Armed Services subcommittee that their complaints of physical abuse ultimately went ignored by commanding officers.

Sep 18 - 5:11pm EDT

Career foreign policy professionals tell NPR they increasingly fear that joining the NSC, which is part of the White House, will taint them as political operatives.

Sep 18 - 3:49pm EDT

President Trump's choice for a new national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, has been the point man on American hostages held overseas. He's been a private lawyer punctuated by stints in government.

Sep 18 - 3:49pm EDT

Before he was elected president, Donald Trump was a critic of Saudi Arabia. Now, he says the U.S. is "locked and loaded" to respond to an attack on their behalf.

Sep 18 - 12:39pm EDT

Sen. Mike Folmer, 63, was arrested at his home on Tuesday. According to court documents, he told police that he "had been dealing with some personal problems."

Sep 18 - 10:10am EDT

Robert C. O'Brien replaces John Bolton, who left the post last week. O'Brien moves from his current State Department role as special presidential envoy for hostage affairs.

Sep 18 - 9:49am EDT

O'Brien has been working in the State Department as the administration's hostage negotiator. He'll replace former Ambassador John Bolton, who parted company with Trump.

Sep 18 - 9:41am EDT

For more than two years, activists say, Buck has avoided being charged with a crime because he is white, wealthy and politically connected.