4th Defendant Arrested In Alleged Campaign Contribution Scheme Linked To Giuliani

October 17, 2019 - 4:20am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

David Correia, who was listed as one of four defendants in a grand jury indictment issued last week, has surrendered to authorities after returning to New York following a trip to the Middle East.

Jan 26 - 8:03pm EST

The judge issued a 14-day temporary restraining order Tuesday in a challenge filed by Texas. The ruling said Texas might "suffer imminent and irreparable harm" from a moratorium.

Jan 26 - 6:14pm EST

On Tuesday, President Biden announced a plan to boost the COVID-19 vaccine supply by 20% over the next three weeks and by hundreds of millions of doses by summer.

Jan 26 - 4:30pm EST

The Biden administration says it plans to buy an additional 100 million doses from both Moderna and Pfizer and pledges greater transparency with state and local leaders about supply expectations.

Jan 26 - 4:17pm EST

More than 200 Americans are dying from drug overdoses daily. Now the Biden administration faces criticism for reportedly delaying a Trump administration policy widely seen as a way to help save lives.

Jan 26 - 4:17pm EST

Janet Yellen, who was sworn in as Treasury secretary on Tuesday, is urging lawmakers to "act big" in response to the pandemic. But some Republican lawmakers are balking at increased government debt.

Jan 26 - 4:17pm EST

President Biden signed four executive actions intended to make good on his campaign promises on racial justice. But some advocates are concerned they don't go far enough.

Jan 26 - 4:17pm EST

In his first call with Russian President Vladimir Putin since taking office, President Biden agreed to extend a key arms control deal and pressed Putin on many issues, including the SolarWinds hack.

Jan 26 - 4:16pm EST

The Department of Justice said it would spare no resource to bring to justice those responsible for the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Jan 26 - 4:09pm EST

Sen. Rand Paul forced a vote on whether the Constitution allows the Senate to try a former president. Ahead of the trial it could indicate how many Republicans are open to voting to convict Trump.