Kushner Seeks To Revive Trump's Overhaul For Immigration System

February 12, 2020 - 6:09pm EST
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law has been meeting with business leaders, immigration hard-liners and other allies. The goal: revive a plan to overhaul immigration laws before November.

Jan 17 - 7:58am EST

Lulu Garcia-Navarro takes us to the streets of Washington, DC describing the mood ahead of expected protests by pro-Trump extremists.

Jan 17 - 7:00am EST

With the country reeling from the pandemic, racial injustice, and the Capitol riot, President-elect Joe Biden must transcend the "typical gauzy appeals to national unity" of past inaugural addresses.

Jan 17 - 7:00am EST

As federal investigators begin to launch criminal cases against some of the perpetrators of the violence, a growing chorus advocates and lawmakers say tech companies bear some responsibility, too.

Jan 16 - 6:54pm EST

In perhaps his final unprecedented act as president, Trump will skip the inauguration and traditional send-off, holding a departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews before a flight home to Florida.

Jan 16 - 5:21pm EST

Michel Martin discusses the challenges confronting the Biden administration on policing with civil rights attorney Arthur Ago and Ramsey County, Minn., prosecutor John Choi.

Jan 16 - 5:11pm EST

Washington, D.C., Metro Police officers recall a harrowing scene at the Capitol last week as they provided backup. They say rioters sprayed them with chemicals, beat them and even threatened to kill.

Jan 16 - 2:46pm EST

The nation prepares for an inauguration unlike any in the country's history amid a massive effort to avoid a repeat of the U.S. Capitol attack.

Jan 16 - 7:00am EST

President Trump leaves fault lines in the GOP over the Capitol insurrection and his second impeachment, on top of having lost the White House, House and Senate on Trump's watch.

Jan 15 - 6:03pm EST

The demotion of a Voice of America White House reporter led to an outcry. And the new head of sister network Radio Free Asia had registered as a lobbyist for Taiwan just days before taking over.