Dec 4 - 5:01am EST

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp got his job in part by arguing he'd be President Trump's close ally. But Trump's anger over losing the election has soured their alliance ahead of two crucial Senate runoffs.

Dec 4 - 5:01am EST

With days left before Congress aims to wrap for the year, Republicans and Democrats appear more willing to negotiate on a COVID-19 relief bill. But key sticking points remain.

Dec 4 - 5:01am EST

The president is set to campaign in Georgia this weekend as he weighs another run in four years. That could upend the ambitions of several other Republicans visiting the state recently.

Dec 4 - 5:00am EST

"History will not be kind to those who are cognizant of the truth and yet choose silence for political expediency," said one Republican election official.

Dec 3 - 6:43pm EST

Congressional Democrats seek to remove the "punishment" clause from the 13th Amendment which allows members of prison populations to be used as cheap and free labor.

Dec 3 - 4:03pm EST

The president could shield his allies from some prosecution. Critics say Trump is trying to help cronies — and maybe himself — escape accountability.

Dec 3 - 3:57pm EST

President Trump's refusal to concede has widened a rift between his supporters and mainstream media. And that has created a gold rush for some conservative businesses.

Dec 3 - 3:57pm EST

President Trump is threatening to veto a bipartisan defense policy bill unless Congress adds language to hold social media sites legally liable for the way they police their platforms.

Dec 3 - 1:01pm EST

Brian Deese led President Barack Obama's auto rescue and managed Obama's climate policy. But then Deese went to work for an investment giant so many progressives are opposed to his appointment.