With Rallies On Pause, The Trump Reelection Campaign Goes Virtual

April 1, 2020 - 4:31pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The coronavirus has eliminated rallies from President Trump's reelection campaign. However, the campaign always saw rallies as critical for gathering data and contacts to follow up with digitally.

Mar 3 - 11:46am EST

German investigators can now cultivate informants, tap phone calls and read emails as part of its inquiry. The Alternative for Germany party says the move is politically motivated.

Mar 3 - 9:29am EST

President Biden vowed to govern as the most progressive chief executive since Franklin Roosevelt. But progressives in Congress are skeptical, especially after a recent letdown over the minimum wage.

Mar 3 - 7:00am EST

Trump and his allies' false claims about Dominion Voting Systems are leading elected officials in one Ohio county to slow down an effort to procure new voting equipment.

Mar 3 - 5:03am EST

The lies about voting machine company Dominion are having real world impact. One Ohio county stalled a contract to buy voting machines after hearing from constituents riled up by the false claims.

Mar 3 - 5:03am EST

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is lifting all COVID-19 restrictions in his state. That's leading to worries about the virus spreading before most Texas can be vaccinated.

Mar 3 - 5:03am EST

President Biden's nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget has withdrawn from the proceedings. Key Democratic and Republican senators refused to back Neera Tanden.

Mar 3 - 5:00am EST

The Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees will hear from top military officials on their role in the insurrection. This, as a House panel weighs new Capitol security spending.

Mar 3 - 5:00am EST

Democrats and Republicans can agree to very little about the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, including how to investigate it. The fallout is impacting the ability to work across party lines.

Mar 2 - 8:15pm EST

Neera Tanden has withdrawn her nomination to lead the Office of Management and Budget, the first big loss for the Biden administration in Congress.