Those $1,200 Emergency Payments Are Arriving — And Debt Collectors May Be Eyeing Them

April 13, 2020 - 1:43pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The federal government has begun sending $1,200 checks to millions of Americans. But some of those who need the money the most may have trouble actually getting it and debt collectors may want it too.

Mar 8 - 1:44pm EST

By an 8-to-1 vote, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of two former students blocked from expressing religious opinions on campus. But Roberts protested keeping the case alive after the college caved.

Mar 8 - 1:16pm EST

Two more of President Biden's nominees to lead the Justice Department will be questioned by the Senate this week as Merrick Garland prepares for confirmation as attorney general.

Mar 8 - 12:09pm EST

An insurrection task force directed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says U.S. Capitol Police need more support to address security weaknesses. The review was led by retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré.

Mar 8 - 10:59am EST

Blunt is the fifth Republican senator to announce his intention not to seek reelection next year.

Mar 8 - 7:17am EST

President Biden's far-reaching coronavirus relief package is a step closer to becoming law. After Senate passage Saturday, it goes back to the House this week for final approval.

Mar 8 - 5:00am EST

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling for bipartisan support for the upcoming House vote on the Senate-amended legislation. Such support is unlikely, as Republicans are fiercely opposed to the package.

Mar 8 - 5:00am EST

In addition to establishing the council, President Biden will sign an executive order aimed at reversing Trump administration policies on campus sexual assault and harassment.

Mar 8 - 5:00am EST

President Biden is reaching out to labor leaders for input on his massive infrastructure proposal, while also trying to persuade them that a green economy will be good for unions.

Mar 7 - 11:49pm EST

The former Minneapolis officer accused of killing George Floyd faces charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The trial will begin with jury selection, which could take weeks.