3 Key States Have To Wait Until Election Day To Count Mail-In Ballots

October 13, 2020 - 5:05am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

Voters and politicians alike will be clamoring for quick results on Nov. 3. But in some swing states, where law prevents early absentee ballot processing, that won't be possible.

Oct 28 - 2:34pm EDT

The Democratic presidential nominee joined the nearly 75 million Americans in casting his ballot early. President Trump voted over the weekend in Florida.

Oct 28 - 1:36pm EDT

Atlantic writer Mike Giglio profiles the Oath Keepers, a pro-Trump militia group, in a new article. "They believe that there is a very strong likelihood of civil violence in America," he says.

Oct 28 - 1:23pm EDT

The chief executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google face skepticism from a Senate committee over their decisions about what content to allow and what to take down from their platforms.

Oct 28 - 1:05pm EDT

Five people have been arrested and others are facing criminal charges in what Justice Department leaders called a plot by China's government to lean on political opponents with threats and extortion.

Oct 28 - 11:30am EDT

A judge judge sided with pro-gun groups, blocking a directive that banned openly carrying guns within 100 feet from polling centers on Nov. 3.

Oct 28 - 10:00am EDT

The Latino vote will be key across the country, especially in tight races in places such as Arizona and Florida. About one quarter of Latinos, mostly men, remain steadily in support of the president.

Oct 28 - 7:20am EDT

Republicans spent about a million dollars in a state House race to flip control in their favor. It's symbolic of the big fundraising efforts for state legislative control before 2021 redistricting.

Oct 28 - 5:01am EDT

Political activists and extremists on both the right and left are worried the other side will somehow steal the election. And they're making plans for what to do if that happens.

Oct 28 - 5:01am EDT

The CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google are set to appear before the Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday. Lawmakers are revisiting the legal shield that has long protected the tech industry.