Presidential Campaign TV Ad Spending Crosses $1 Billion Mark In Key States

October 13, 2020 - 5:42pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

Almost $900 million of that money has been spent in just six states — Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. Biden has a big spending advantage in those states.

Oct 25 - 12:27am EDT

Marc Short, the top aide to Vice President Pence, entered quarantine after testing positive on Saturday, Pence's office said. Pence, who tested negative, will continue his busy campaign travel.

Oct 24 - 5:19pm EDT

Right now, we have "an entire government apparatus designed to foster falsehoods," says editor Ellis Cose, who has written a new book, The Short Life and Curious Death of Free Speech in America.

Oct 24 - 3:43pm EDT

The approach the two candidates are taking in this final leg of the campaign mirrors the divergent narratives they're trying to convey about the pandemic and the choice voters face this fall.

Oct 24 - 11:55am EDT

The president cast his ballot from his adopted home state before departing for rallies on Saturday in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin. More than 50 million Americans have already voted early.

Oct 24 - 7:50am EDT

About a third of Latino voters view Trump favorably and it breaks down a long gender lines. More Latino men support the president, citing his economic policies and his tough guy approach.

Oct 24 - 7:00am EDT

A record volume of election mail has moved through the U.S. Postal Service ahead of Election Day. And while there have been some delays, experts say voting by mail has gone relatively smoothly so far.

Oct 23 - 5:32pm EDT

The Biden campaign sought to keep the president's handling of the coronavirus front and center on Friday, while the Trump campaign looked to shift attention toward energy policy.

Oct 23 - 4:16pm EDT

A medical student and first-year resident looked for infection spikes in towns that hosted Trump rallies. The data isn't as clear cut as many might like.

Oct 23 - 4:16pm EDT

As the election draws closer, a record number of Americans are voting early. So far, fears about delays in ballots being returned through the mail haven't materialized.