Biden Announces Record $383 Million September Haul

October 14, 2020 - 10:13pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The total is a record-breaking one-month sum, topping its August record of $364.5 million. The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee have not released September numbers yet.

Oct 25 - 6:01pm EDT

North Carolina is a swing state to watch when it comes to the presidential election. But for North Carolinians, the races for governor and the state Legislature may have greater consequences.

Oct 25 - 3:37pm EDT

The rallies, the crowd and the theatrics at each stop are straight out of Trump's 2016 playbook as the president casts himself as the upstart outsider fighting against the odds.

Oct 25 - 2:51pm EDT

The 51-48 cloture vote sets the stage for a final confirmation vote Monday evening — just over a week before the general election.

Oct 25 - 7:51am EDT

Joe Biden wants to make America carbon neutral by 2050 and says there will still be room for some fossil fuels. We look at how realistic this is and what activists make of it.

Oct 25 - 7:51am EDT

President Trump campaigned on a promise to re-draw America's trade ties with the rest of the world. It hasn't always worked out as he hoped.

Oct 25 - 7:51am EDT

Newport, Ky., is putting up murals to honor the city's 225th anniversary. One depicts city founder Gen. James Taylor, who was a slave owner. Residents are wrestling with what to do about the artwork.

Oct 25 - 12:27am EDT

Marc Short, the top aide to Vice President Pence, entered quarantine after testing positive on Saturday, Pence's office said. Pence, who tested negative, will continue his busy campaign travel.

Oct 24 - 5:19pm EDT

Right now, we have "an entire government apparatus designed to foster falsehoods," says editor Ellis Cose, who has written a new book, The Short Life and Curious Death of Free Speech in America.

Oct 24 - 3:43pm EDT

The approach the two candidates are taking in this final leg of the campaign mirrors the divergent narratives they're trying to convey about the pandemic and the choice voters face this fall.