Supreme Court Blocks Curbside Voting In Alabama, An Option During Pandemic

October 21, 2020 - 10:03pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The high court issued its order Wednesday night, over the dissent of the court's three liberal justices. The practice was intended to accommodate people with disabilities and at-risk individuals.

Dec 2 - 5:05am EST

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is hoping to break the logjam that's been holding up pandemic relief in Congress. The clock is ticking for millions of people whose aid will expire later this month.

Dec 2 - 5:00am EST

Presidential children and grandchildren are often shielded from the public eye, but that's changing. Joe Biden's grandchildren and Kamala Harris' stepchildren have their own personas on social media.

Dec 2 - 5:00am EST

Joe Biden topped President Trump by nearly 7 million votes, and 74 votes in the Electoral College, but his victory really was stitched together with narrow margins in key states.

Dec 1 - 9:25pm EST

A document filed in federal court seems to show a probe into lobbying for a pardon and a related scheme to offer payment. Large swaths of the document, including names, are blacked out.

Dec 1 - 5:28pm EST

A recent government report called the mine safety standard regulating deadly silica dust "out of date," and difficult to enforce. The Biden administration may finally change that standard.

Dec 1 - 5:08pm EST

The first lady reportedly isn't a big fan of the holiday tradition and her husband doesn't acknowledge he lost the election, but the White House's aesthetic aims for an old-school note.

Dec 1 - 4:19pm EST

The attorney general elevated the U.S. attorney for Connecticut in October but didn't disclose that move until now. It likely means Durham's work will continue into the new administration.

Dec 1 - 4:16pm EST

Attorney General William Barr said federal authorities have not uncovered any widespread fraud that might have affected the outcome of the 2020 election, contradicting President Trump.

Dec 1 - 3:51pm EST

On Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden formally introduced six core members of his economic team. Janet Yellen will lead the team if she is confirmed as Treasury secretary.