Alleged Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor Continues To Roil State

October 23, 2020 - 4:16pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

The foiled alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer follows months of misogynistic attacks and a legislature casting her as a tyrant. How are residents reacting?

Dec 3 - 1:40pm EST

Lawmakers are juggling must-pass items, like addressing the nation's borrowing authority and an annual defense authorization package, along with major political priorities for Democrats.

Dec 3 - 5:05am EST

The one-time presidential rivals went to Charlotte to promote the infrastructure act. They also fended off increased chatter about how the president's low approval ratings could affect their futures.

Dec 3 - 5:00am EST

With President Biden approaching 80 years old, the political spotlight has been trained more brightly than usual on the pair. Here's a look at their political prospects.

Dec 2 - 6:18pm EST

So-called "trigger laws" in 12 states would automatically enact an abortion ban if Roe is overturned. In nine others, bans that were blocked by courts or have long been unenforced could take effect.

Dec 2 - 5:34pm EST

The measure now heads to the Senate, where prospects for quick passage are in doubt ahead of a Friday deadline. A few Republicans have said they'd object to fast-tracking the bill.

Dec 2 - 4:14pm EST

The Biden administration announced Thursday that it will restart the "Remain in Mexico" policy. Officials promised "key changes" to the Trump-era policy that has been widely criticized as inhumane.

Dec 2 - 12:18pm EST

Migrants seeking to enter the United States will again have to stay in Mexico as they await immigration hearings, as the Biden administration reluctantly announced plans to comply with a court order.

Dec 2 - 5:00am EST

The White House wants more people to get vaccines, booster shots and COVID tests — especially with the new omicron variant here. A new plan will provide some new incentives.

Dec 1 - 5:02pm EST

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a moderate Republican, says he won't run for a third term. Although he's one of the nation's most popular governors, Baker was facing a tough primary challenge.