Nov 25 - 1:47pm EST

He is one of the last major world leaders to wish Joe Biden congratulations.

Nov 25 - 9:06am EST

The 2020 presidential election saw the most votes in U.S. history at 156 million and counting, and the highest participation rate since 1900.

Nov 25 - 8:00am EST

Voting took place amid a pandemic and unprecedented polarization. Despite baseless claims by the president and his allies that the outcome was rigged, states say the results are accurate.

Nov 25 - 5:00am EST

When his wife, Kamala Harris, is sworn in as vice president of the U.S., Emhoff will also be creating history. "I'm gonna support her," he said when once asked what he'd do if she were elected.

Nov 24 - 9:02pm EST

The president-elect says he is open to including his progressive former rivals in his new administration, but that he also needs strong leadership in the Senate.

Nov 24 - 6:05pm EST

Fox News settles with parents of a slain Democratic staffer over a retracted 2017 story reporting he had shared party emails with Wikileaks. Fox also suggested Democrats were linked to his death.

Nov 24 - 5:48pm EST

President Trump has not conceded the election, but now that the transition is underway, President-elect Joe Biden can access the same brief about national security threats that Trump receives.

Nov 24 - 5:08pm EST

In remarks on Tuesday, Antony Blinken thanked the people who helped him along the way, including relatives, friends, coworkers — and his bandmates.

Nov 24 - 3:57pm EST

In the final weeks of his administration, President Trump is pushing through policies and making appointments that his successor will have to contend with.