Young Progressives Who Backed Biden Plan To Press Him For Action

November 13, 2020 - 5:00am EST
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

Activists plan to hold President-elect Biden accountable on an agenda for climate, gun control and racial justice. But a divided Congress may limit their expectations.

Nov 28 - 8:00am EST

The Trump administration aims to end a decades-long battle by rushing to sell oil rights in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We look at what's next, and what could stop the push to drill.

Nov 28 - 7:00am EST

The Republican incumbents are baselessly casting doubt on the state's voting system. Some in the GOP worry their words could depress voter turnout and cost the party two Senate seats.

Nov 27 - 3:46pm EST

Joe Biden won the presidency by stitching together a broad coalition of voters — from former Republicans to young progressives. The question now is how will hold that support together as president.

Nov 27 - 7:17am EST

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to announce more members of his cabinet next week. He'll also begin getting access to the daily presidential briefings.

Nov 27 - 5:04am EST

Former leaders in the Justice Department's civil rights division say the Biden team will have a heavy lift on its hands.

Nov 26 - 6:39pm EST

President Trump took questions from reporters on Thursday for the first time since Election Day. He made it clear he's in no mood to concede.

Nov 26 - 3:57pm EST

Denver mayor is the latest politician to come under fire for flouting his health safety recommendations — he flew to Mississippi for Thanksgiving despite asking Coloradans not to travel.

Nov 26 - 7:14am EST

President Trump has pardoned his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who spent years enmeshed in an often bizarre legal war with the government that sprang from the Russia investigation.

Nov 26 - 7:00am EST

"That's a wonderful sentiment," says Abbi Gold, 59, a Democrat from Arizona. "It's probably a really sweet pipe dream." Hoping to help, many are ramping up trainings for cross-the-aisle conversations.