Jul 30 - 2:07pm EDT

New documents released by the House Oversight Committee log a telephone conversation between Justice Department leaders and then-President Donald Trump in December 2020.

Jul 30 - 12:48pm EDT

A new order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that allows state troopers to stop and turn around vehicles carrying migrants to curb the spread of COVID-19 drew a threat of a Justice Department lawsuit.

Jul 30 - 9:48am EDT

Jill Biden reportedly stepped on an object on a beach in Hawaii last weekend ahead of two official events there. She was in Hawaii after attending the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Jul 29 - 9:15pm EDT

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., a lead negotiator trying to forge an agreement over a policing bill, talked about the status of the legislation.

Jul 29 - 3:39pm EDT

With possible furloughs only weeks away, the Senate passed a funding bill for the Capitol Police. It also has money for Afghan refugees who face danger with U.S. military leaving the country.

Jul 29 - 9:46am EDT

The federal workforce is one group of Americans President Biden can more directly influence. Under the expected rules, workers would need to get vaccinated or wear a mask and get tested regularly.

Jul 29 - 7:21am EDT

A bipartisan group of Senators worked out the details on how to pay for a massive infrastructure plan. But it faces a host of hurdles in Congress, including from members of both parties.

Jul 29 - 6:00am EDT

Administration officials describe the plan as "the first of its kind," but much of the proposal is expanding on previous efforts that have done little to curb migration from Central America.

Jul 29 - 5:09am EDT

The U.S. Capitol has more than 200 sculptures honoring notable figures in history. But only 14 feature women. A bipartisan group of Senators is joining forces to change that.