Trump's Baseless 2020 Conspiracies Complicate Ohio Effort To Buy Voting Machines

March 3, 2021 - 7:00am EST
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

Trump and his allies' false claims about Dominion Voting Systems are leading elected officials in one Ohio county to slow down an effort to procure new voting equipment.

Apr 9 - 10:07am EDT

Brad Raffensperger defended the security of his state's election against former President Donald Trump's claims of fraud. Now the official backs a new law promising election integrity.

Apr 9 - 8:00am EDT

Michigan's spike in coronavirus cases has prompted calls to surge extra vaccine doses to the state. But the Biden administration isn't sold on the idea.

Apr 9 - 5:03am EDT

The core of the Democratic Party has worked to avoid words like redistribution and labels like socialist. But in the past three months many Democrats are embracing a new era of big government.

Apr 9 - 5:03am EDT

Immediately following the shooting in Boulder that killed 10 people, some Colorado Democrats said they would push for a statewide ban on assault-style weapons. Now support for a ban is waning.

Apr 9 - 5:03am EDT

President Biden's approach to legislating so far is winning plaudits from political strategists, left and right. His massive jobs and infrastructure plan poses a new challenge.

Apr 9 - 5:00am EDT

The state's Republican-led House approved a bill that would impose strict photo ID and other requirements on voting. The measure reflects a deep partisan divide over access to the polls.

Apr 9 - 5:00am EDT

A global trade dispute threatens green energy jobs in the politically crucial state of Georgia. The president's decision on how it's resolved could affect a key piece of his infrastructure agenda.

Apr 8 - 4:03pm EDT

The victory of the opposition party in Greenland's parliamentary elections has raised doubts about the future of a controversial rare-earth mining project in the territory.

Apr 8 - 10:45am EDT

David Chipman, a gun owner, was a special agent at the bureau and advises the Giffords advocacy group. His nomination comes with the rollout of White House initiatives to try to curb gun violence.