Biden Met With George Floyd's Family With Policing Bill Stuck In Limbo

May 25, 2021 - 4:17pm EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

President Biden met with the family of George Floyd Tuesday. He hoped to mark the first anniversary of Floyd's murder with passage of a policing bill, but it remains in limbo on Capitol Hill.

Sep 25 - 5:01am EDT

When it mattered most, Nixon and his crew found that people who might have been political allies in the past were not especially sympathetic to his case.

Sep 24 - 7:56am EDT

After 42 years, Hope Medical Group for Women will close because Louisiana has banned almost all abortions. The clinic director and some staff may move to a state where abortion is legal.

Sep 24 - 7:00am EDT

Hoy, el supuesto sueño americano sigue siendo un cuento atractivo entre los migrantes al sur de la frontera. Sin embargo, el objetivo ha cambiado.

Sep 24 - 7:00am EDT

The American dream remains a compelling tale among migrants south of the border. The objective has shifted, though. For many, simply trying to stay alive is what's driving them.

Sep 23 - 4:44pm EDT

Italy heads for a historic election. If Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party wins Sunday's election, she could also make history by becoming the country's first woman prime minister.

Sep 23 - 5:00am EDT

Voting for the midterms has started in some states. With more people voting early and mailing in ballots, elections are increasingly less about Election Day and more about what happens weeks earlier.

Sep 23 - 4:59am EDT

The shooting at Robb Elementary School has motivated many parents whose children were killed to become politically active. They're running for office and advocating for stricter gun laws.

Sep 22 - 5:20pm EDT

The United Nations Security Council meets on Ukraine, as Russia mobilizes more forces and Ukraine accuses Russia of fresh atrocities in Izium.

Sep 22 - 5:18pm EDT

The Senate ratified a climate change treaty with a strong bipartisan vote Wednesday. It phases down hydrofluorocarbons and was unusual because most climate measures struggle to get Republican support.