Jan 21 - 5:00am EST

Many Arizona Democrats were already talking about primary challenges to Kyrsten Sinema, even before she reiterated her opposition to changing Senate rules, helping to doom voting rights legislation.

Jan 20 - 5:07pm EST

Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been facing pushback at home. It all escalated with national groups threatening not to support her over her voting rights and filibuster stances.

Jan 20 - 4:26pm EST

One year ago, President Biden took the oath of office, with beating COVID at the top of his agenda. Managing the uncertainty of what comes next remains the greatest challenge of his presidency.

Jan 20 - 4:19pm EST

Momentum on increased Veterans Affairs coverage for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits is building in Congress. None of it soon enough for sick veterans or advocates like comedian Jon Stewart.

Jan 20 - 4:19pm EST

The Biden administration promised big changes on immigration enforcement, including limits on whom ICE should arrest and deport. But advocates say the reality is falling short of that lofty rhetoric.

Jan 20 - 3:53pm EST

The Senate Majority leader downplayed the risks of holding such a public demonstration of the rift within his caucus ahead of the midterm elections.

Jan 20 - 2:05pm EST

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has said a new law prohibiting members of Congress from picking individual stocks isn't needed, but added if it has the backing of caucus she is ok with it.

Jan 20 - 1:43pm EST

On both sides of the abortion debate, activists say this could be the last anniversary before Roe v. Wade is overturned or significantly rolled back.

Jan 20 - 10:37am EST

Democrat Gary Chambers Jr. is running to unseat Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy. Chambers follows in the footsteps of other politicians who have used attention-grabbing ads to up their name recognition.