Florida county is fined for requiring employees to be vaccinated

October 14, 2021 - 5:13am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

Florida has imposed a $3.5 million fine on Leon County for requiring employees to be vaccinated. Gov. Ron DeSantis says that violates a law banning vaccine passports, and that more fines are coming.

Nov 29 - 10:38am EST

Abortion did not become illegal in most states until the mid to late 1800s. But by the 1960s, abortion, like childbirth, had become a safe procedure when performed by a doctor.

Nov 29 - 5:01am EST

Congress faces a Friday deadline to keep federal agencies funded and avoid a partial shutdown, while Democrats push to pass the remainder of President Biden's spending agenda.

Nov 29 - 5:00am EST

The Build Back Better agenda is the largest expansion of the social safety net in decades. Democrats say they learned from the debate over the Affordable Care Act and are selling their bills sooner.

Nov 28 - 6:31pm EST

Meek, the grandchild of a slave and a sharecropper's daughter who became one of the first Black Floridians elected to Congress since Reconstruction, died Sunday. She was 95.

Nov 28 - 6:01pm EST

In the race to succeed outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the offspring of two presidents are gunning to run the country in an unprecedented tie-up.

Nov 28 - 4:48pm EST

President Biden received a briefing from his medical task force, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said that "inevitably" the omicron variant will turn up in the U.S.

Nov 28 - 8:03am EST

After months of stalemate, the U.S. and Iran meet with European mediators Monday in Vienna for another attempt at reviving the nuclear deal that the Trump administration pulled out of.

Nov 27 - 5:00am EST

Tensions are driven by the still-divisive personality of former President Trump, by issues such as vaccines and mandates and by the prospect of big Republican gains in the elections of 2022 and 2024.

Nov 26 - 4:46pm EST

The Biden administration will take another try at reviving the Iran nuclear deal in talks that start in Vienna. Time has passed and much has changed since the Trump White House abandoned the deal.