Republicans face a new reckoning over what GOP House leader McCarthy said about Trump

April 23, 2022 - 5:00am EDT
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

McCarthy faces a tricky conversation with his conference over what he said, which could come when the House returns from recess next week, but the ultimate judge is likely former President Trump.

Sep 30 - 7:57am EDT

On Capitol Hill, time is running out and a government shutdown looks likely at the end of the day Saturday, Sept. 30.

Sep 30 - 7:00am EDT

The Washington, D.C., region is home to about 400,000 federal employees, plus members of the military and government contractors. In a government shutdown, they face no pay and lots of uncertainty.

Sep 29 - 11:58pm EDT

A bail bondsman charged alongside former President Donald Trump and 17 others in the Georgia election case pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges, becoming the first defendant to accept a plea deal.

Sep 29 - 5:00pm EDT

Federal workers across the country are bracing to lose pay indefinitely. Many have weathered shutdowns before and some face losing income at particularly inconvenient times in their lives.

Sep 29 - 4:41pm EDT

Funding for the WIC program, which serves pregnant mothers and young children, is caught in political crosshairs, as the government shutdown and ongoing budget negotiations threaten full funding.

Sep 29 - 4:41pm EDT

Legal experts say it's unclear what a judge's fraud ruling will mean for Donald Trump's business empire but they agree he faces grave financial and legal peril.

Sep 29 - 4:41pm EDT

Government funding runs out at the end of the day tomorrow and Congress seems resigned to dragging the spending fight past the deadline for a shutdown.

Sep 29 - 4:41pm EDT

Dianne Feinstein, who was first elected to the Senate from California in 1992, has died. She was 90 years old. Her most enduring legacy may be opening more doors for women in politics.

Sep 29 - 2:00pm EDT

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy rejected a bipartisan Senate proposal to keep agencies funded through November 17 and instead moved a GOP bill that linked another month of spending with border security.