An exit interview with outgoing Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska

January 4, 2023 - 5:07am EST
Photo Credit / Getty Images / AGGP

As a new Congress began work on Monday, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska said goodbye. Steve Inskeep talked to Sasse about when government is effective, and why he retired from the Senate.

Jan 27 - 12:45pm EST

County election supervisors say the new restrictions will create significant election reporting delays and a slew of costs for local election offices, and could disenfranchise large numbers of voters.

Jan 27 - 6:47am EST

Emhoff, the first Jewish spouse of a U.S. president or vice president, is in Poland and Germany to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day and address rising antisemitism around the world.

Jan 27 - 5:06am EST

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries insists the looming debt ceiling crisis will be resolved without his party submitting to demands by Republicans who want to tie government spending cuts to a debt limit hike.

Jan 27 - 5:06am EST

The Republican National Committee on Friday chooses its next chair in a vote that is seeing more attention and contention than one might expect. What exactly does it mean to be conservative nowadays?

Jan 27 - 5:00am EST

Policymakers have long grappled with how to handle experiments that might generate potentially dangerous viruses. Now, officials are considering whether oversight needs to be expanded.

Jan 26 - 2:11pm EST

89-year-old Sen. Feinstein has not announced if she will retire, but Democratic hopefuls are already entering the race for her senate seat.

Jan 26 - 1:36pm EST

Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell says the unpublished report shows that tech companies didn't respond to employees' warnings about violent rhetoric on their platforms.

Jan 26 - 8:44am EST

The Biden administration is proposing that the U.S. census and federal surveys change how Latinos are asked about their race and ethnicity and add a checkbox for "Middle Eastern or North African."

Jan 26 - 8:16am EST

In a lawsuit, an ex-staffer alleges the late Fox News chief Roger Ailes, shown above, sexually abused her for years. She is also suing former top Fox executive Bill Shine, alleging he enabled Ailes.