Aug 5 - 4:01pm EDT

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has shared new details of his plan for overturning President Trump's agenda, including a commitment to stop building the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Aug 5 - 1:36pm EDT

Toobin's new book, True Crimes and Misdemeanors, examines how Trump and his team outmaneuvered special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller, he says, gave Trump "a free pass" on obstruction of justice.

Aug 5 - 12:54pm EDT

Iowa was the only state to automatically restrict voting rights to anyone with a felony conviction. Wednesday, Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds signed an order to restore those rights to most people.

Aug 5 - 11:48am EDT

The former deputy attorney general said the FBI's interview of Flynn was pertinent to a legitimate investigation, contradicting the Justice Department's rationale now for dropping charges.

Aug 5 - 11:01am EDT

Missouri is the second state to expand the health care program via ballot measure during the pandemic. Nearly a quarter million people could get health insurance thanks to the measure.

Aug 5 - 10:45am EDT

A key victory in a Senate GOP primary on Tuesday offers a mild reprieve to Republicans working to hold their narrow majority in 2020.

Aug 5 - 10:00am EDT

The presumptive Democratic nominee spoke in a new interview with Hispanic and Black journalists about how he would reverse president's policies on the border wall and tariffs on China.

Aug 5 - 5:50am EDT

Tennessee's senators have long had a reputation of being independent-minded. But in the state's upcoming GOP primary, both main candidates have vowed to stick close to President Trump.

Aug 5 - 5:50am EDT

Former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe is to be held under house arrest while he is investigated for allegedly bribing witnesses in a case against him.

Aug 5 - 5:50am EDT

Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr, a 20-year House veteran, lost in the Missouri Democratic primary to progressive activist Cori Bush.

Aug 5 - 5:50am EDT

In Louisville, racial justice protests have continued for months since police shot and killed Breonna Taylor inside her home during an overnight police raid. Protesters want the officers charged.

Aug 5 - 5:00am EDT

An NPR/Ipsos poll found broad support for sweeping government action to combat the coronavirus — including temporary limits on immigration. But support for other White House policies has not changed.

Aug 5 - 5:00am EDT

The former deputy attorney general was in charge in the final days of the Obama era and into the early days of the Trump era. Senate Republicans want to ask her about the Russia investigation.

Aug 5 - 12:40am EDT

Rep. William Lacy Clay has represented the state's 1st Congressional District, around St. Louis, since 2001.

Aug 4 - 10:15pm EDT

Trump ally and former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was defeated by Rep. Roger Marshall, calming Republican leaders' worst fears in the race against Democratic state Sen. Barbara Bollier.