Jun 1 - 4:57pm EDT

Roughly six months after Kevin McCarthy was elected speaker of the House, he negotiated a bipartisan bill to lift the debt ceiling and avoid default — which passed overwhelmingly with 300 votes.

Jun 1 - 2:14pm EDT

Texas Republican lawmakers sent bills to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk that would dramatically interfere with elections administration in the state's largest, Democratic-run county.

Jun 1 - 7:17am EDT

Among the declared presidential candidates, two big names are expected to soon jump into the race for the GOP presidential nomination: former VP Mike Pence and former N.J. Gov. Chris Christie.

Jun 1 - 5:18am EDT

After weeks of wrangling over whether Washington could find common ground, the House passed a compromise bill to avert a historic default. The bill faces a final legislative test in the Senate.

May 31 - 7:50pm EDT

The vote comes as lawmakers race against the clock to beat a June 5 deadline for a potential federal default.

May 31 - 5:31pm EDT

After distancing himself from former President Donald Trump, the former vice president is ready to announce his bid for the White House at an event in Des Moines, Iowa, on June 7.

May 31 - 4:53pm EDT

The House is on the verge of the first major vote to approve legislation to lift the debt limit. a catastrophic financial default could become a reality if Congress doesn't pass the bill by Monday.

May 31 - 4:27pm EDT

The Mountain Valley Pipeline got an extraordinary boost in the debt ceiling deal. Court challenges have stalled the controversial natural gas pipeline stretching from West Virginia to North Carolina.

May 31 - 4:07pm EDT

The debt-ceiling deal that Congress is considering adds work requirements for some people on food stamps. Researchers say the bigger issue is that the requirements don't actually help many find work.