May 29 - 5:09am EDT

Texas AG Ken Paxton has been suspended from office. He's awaiting a trial in the state Senate after the state House voted to impeach him over allegations of bribery and other misconduct.

May 28 - 6:19pm EDT

President Joe Biden has reached a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on raising the debt ceiling. Now, it's up to the Senate and House to approve the deal.

May 28 - 8:43am EDT

A deal between White House and House Republican negotiators to raise the nation's borrowing limit still must pass Congress.

May 28 - 8:06am EDT

The Republican-led Texas House of Representatives has voted to impeach Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton.

May 28 - 8:06am EDT

The White House and House Republican negotiators have agreed in principle to raise the U.S. debt limit and avoid default. The agreement must still pass Congress.

May 27 - 8:47pm EDT

The leaders' breakthrough comes after weeks of negotiations and a series of on-and-off talks. The U.S. is set to run out of money to pay its loans on June 5 if the deal is not approved by Congress.

May 27 - 5:47pm EDT

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been impeached by fellow Republicans in a historic vote in the Texas House. He will immediately and temporarily be suspended from his duties.

May 27 - 5:35pm EDT

The Texas legislature is voting Saturday on the impeachment of the state's attorney general.

May 27 - 5:35pm EDT

The GOP field grew by two candidates this week in the campaign for the presidential nomination. But even with more faces in the race, Donald Trump remains the frontrunner.